My Fun Halloween Decor

When my husband came to Turtle Lake, North Dakota last October he told me about how so many of the houses in town decorated for Halloween and for fall.  It was one of the things he loved (loves) about the town and the people here.  I’ve never been one to decorate for Halloween or for fall.  I am the type to put out a carved pumpkin on Halloween – and maybe a bowl of candy in the house – and call it done.

Since the big move I have found that I have much more time on my hands.  And I absolutely love the house we bought here and want to decorate every inch of it!  A few days ago I was searching Pinterest as well as the Internet in general and found some really cute ideas for decorating spaces in the house for Halloween.  So – here is my attempt at “Fun Halloween Decor.”


I started by bringing my recently purchased dresser upstairs and putting it in its home.  Yes, this is the dresser that still needs finishing (see post titled “Square Brand Dresser Makeover”).  I looked at the space for a while and then headed out with my daughter to shop for decorations.

Any time I go to town (Bismarck) I make sure to stop by the Goodwill Store and the Dakota Boys and Girls Club Thrift Shop.  I’ve had great luck at both of these places finding awesome stuff for cheap.  At the Dakota Boys and Girls Club Thrift Shop I found a variety of interesting goodies including the two picture frames (yep, $2 a piece!).  So, I put a photo of my daughter in one, and a scary message in the other.

I also found some great deals at Goodwill, unfortunately nothing to assist me with my Halloween decorating mission.  We then headed to Hobby Lobby and, again, hit the jackpot.  All their Halloween and fall decor was 40% – 60% off (it’s nice not to pay full price).  We purchased this great black owl.

I also got the candle stick for a very good price ($6).  And the BOO lettering (1.39/letter).  I already knew that I wanted to add some spider webs to the BOO (with Elmer’s Glue) and paint them with both black and glitter spray paint.  So that’s what I did and then hung the letters on the wall.

The smaller candle stick was a previous garage sale find, which I’ve never used – so I just painted it with black and glitter spray paint and stuck a pumpkin on top.

We found the cheese tray with the cover when we moved into our house in Alvin, Texas many years ago.  I kept it, knowing I would use it one day for something fabulous.  So, I painted it with a black matte spray paint.  At this point I didn’t have anything to put inside the container and was considering making a trip back to town to find a little human skull.

The tree is made from a branch that I clipped from a bush outside – and while I was clipping the bush – I found the miniature cow head in the flower bed.  Jeez, what timing!

I spray painted the branch black – and just stuck the cow head in the container next to it.  We stuck the tree in an old coffee can and used newspaper to hold it in place.

Next I printed off a pattern for bats from Martha Stewart’s website.  On Martha’s website she hangs the bats from a branch over a door – I changed that up a bit.  I used poster board for the bats at first, but the edges were white and then I remember I had black card stock from another project so I used the card stock to make the bats in various sizes.

My wonderful husband found clear fishing line and hung all the bats on the tree for me.  Then as a finishing touch we added spider webs to the tree.  I set all the small pumpkins in their place (paid .50 a piece at the local farmer’s market for these babies).  I debated whether or not to paint the pumpkins a creamy white, but opted to stick with the traditional orange pumpkin this year.

I also found a really cute idea for mice silhouettes (on Martha’s website).  So I downloaded the pattern and cut out several mice silhouettes and placed them around our floorboards.  My husband added one mouse silhouette to the top of the “O”, which to me, completed the entire space! (Go hubby).

So here is my attempt at My Fun Halloween Decor for this 2012 Halloween.  Enjoy!


One thought on “My Fun Halloween Decor

  1. Farrah

    LOVE IT!!!! Maybe you should come decorate my house also. I’ve already got a good start on it…there’s spiderwebs all over. 🙂


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