Magic City Flea Market Finds…

Me, my sister, and my two daughters spent the day in Minot, ND on Saturday.  Our first stop was the Magic City Flea Market.  It was located in the State Fair Grounds and was a decent sized flea market, especially if you didn’t want an all day event.  I got several great deals that I hope to upcycle into some wonderful “stuff” very soon!

$8 for this fall-color afghan – which I will just be using to keep my behind warm this winter – no upcycling of this baby.

$4 for these two suitcases (Okay, I think I have a suitcase fetish – I have 6 now) – I have great ideas for these guys.

$4 for a pair of white ceramic pheasants.  While taking this picture though, I broke the head off of one of them (dang).  I think these this one will be great to display once I’ve taken my Halloween decor down and put up my fall decor.

$2 for this vintage 60s/70s photo frame.  (Oh do I have plans for this one …. )

I’ll be sure and post updates on these items as I begin working on them.


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