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Square Brand Dresser Makeover

My husband and I were headed to Washburn to get groceries.  Since the grocery store in town closed down we either have to go to Washburn (and buy expensive groceries) or go all the way to Bismarck (and spend $15 in gas for the hour long drive it takes to get there). We opted for the closer of the two this time.  Since we had a few minutes “kid-free” we decided to drive down Main Street.  Good thing we did – we hit the jackpot!  We got a number of goodies (old windows, metal bucket, and an ice auger).  But the deal of the day was this guy ($15) – solid wood (including the drawers and the back panel) and it is in pretty good shape.  There is a label on the back of the dresser (pic below) – and I intend to look up this brand and just find out a little more about this baby.

My $15 Bargain!

Here’s the low down on the dresser.  One of the drawers is a little warped but I’m confident my ever-so-handy husband can fix it.  Also, the bottom drawer has a little chunk missing, but nothing a little wood filler can’t fix.  And there are just a few scratches on the top and a little bubbling of the varnish.  Other than that, this guy is a b e a u t y.

Because I want the top to be pretty smooth, I decided to go ahead and strip the varnish from just the top of the dresser using JASCO Paint & Epoxy Remover. I bought it from the local hardware store (for a pretty penny) and it worked great!  Once I stripped the top I sanded out some of the scratches and just did a once over with sandpaper to smooth out any other dents or dings that were glaring to me.  Underneath all that varnish the wood grain was absolutely beautiful – almost to pretty to paint … Yes, I said “almost” (smile).

Since then, I’ve applied two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (Graphite).  Graphite is like the color of pencil lead – which is pretty (a purple/brown kind of grey).  However, for this project – wasn’t the exact color and finish I was looking for.  So I glazed the surface with a mixture of Annie Sloan Dark Wax and Mineral Oil – just to give it “that look” I am looking for. Tonight I was so excited that I was finally getting a project near completion – applied the Annie Sloan Clear Wax – and must have done something terribly wrong.  It’s a little goopy looking.  I read up on the stuff and I am going to have to wipe down the surface with Mineral Oil tomorrow to get some of the wax off and …. start over on the waxing process.  Bummer, I know.  I believe it gooped up on me because I tried to use a rag to apply the wax instead of the recommended waxing brush.  So sorry but it will be several days before you’ll see the “finished product” – because I need to wait for my waxing brushes to arrive.

I’ve also only painted the dresser itself and not the drawers.  I’m still debating whether or not to do the drawers in a different color – or perhaps stencil something on them, or maybe even leave them brown.  I also intend to paint the insides of the drawers some amazing color to give it a pop of surprise when you open a drawer.

But as of now, the story of this amazing guy will have to be continued……..